24 Hours in Magical Macau – Day 5

Macau, Asia

24 Hours in Magical Macau

Breakfast consisted of an anti aging juice that gave me heartburn and made me feel 20 years older for most of the day 🤦‍♂️

A morning stroll around Macau confirmed my suspicions that this place is nuts but in a random cool unassuming kinda of way. To start with, how lucky were we…. there was the festival of rabbit lanterns taking place in the main square. After a few bunny hops we wandered the streets where they were selling in the main, slabs of beef jerky, dried fish or with the cities Portuguese influence Pastel de Nata (egg tarts). We witnessed an old gentlemen in his house singing kareoke at 11am on his own, kids fishing for goldfish and after a visit to the popular St. Paul’s Cathedral which is just the facade of the original building we sauntered back to the hotel.

We managed to get ourselves access to the Sofitel VIP pool for a few hours of sunbathing before heading off in the evening to the Las Vegas style strip but not before learning that Japan not only had the typhoon bearing down on it but also had just experienced an earthquake and was at risk of landslides….. feeling for everyone affected be it locals or tourists – when mother nature speaks you listen!

Taxi for Vegas...

in the evening we got dropped off at the enormous glitzy Venetian with its high end retail stores and restaurants/bars to watch some rugby (I mean after all that’s why we came on this trip right!!) then decided to see more of the city and hailed a taxi. Well that was an experience – the guy was either drunk or high as a kite as he reached 140kms an hour twice during a 5 minute cab ride….. Thankfully the other taxis we caught were fine so he was just a one off but boy did that cure my indigestion!

Saw more of the strip by going to the Galaxy but honestly these enormous soulless casino hotels lacking character are really not my thing so #justonefortheroad in the old town was suggested 😉 and we stumbled upon a sword/machete/axe wielding competition X factor style with a compere, judges plus a thunderbird style airline stewardess – I loved this and 24 hours in magical Macau!


"Yesterdays observation - (see photo) was a man at the steps of one of Macau’s leading tourist attractions offering free custard creams…"


Today we discover more of mystical Macau and head back to Hong Kong on the SeaCat…. I think….

The Adventure Continues...
Macau, Asia
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