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Everywhere you look online there are travel blogs and websites showcasing incredible stories of intrepid souls living out their dreams and exploring the world. All of them are making memories that will last a lifetime.

This is “Just One For The Road”, a collection of my life’s travel adventures be they holidays, road trips, business events, sporting moments or just amazing experiences.

As well as my quirky travel blogs, which often have a focus on my passions for wildlife and sustainability, there are also travel related news pieces and competitions.

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Antarctica – The Land of the Penguin

As a teenager I was always fascinated by the great polar explorers and recall having a book that I used to read at bedtime with stories of Amundsen, Scott and Mallory and their iconic race to get to Antarctica first.

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Sports Blogs

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Golf Golf Over the years I have enjoyed some of the best days playing golf. Occasionally its the company, rarely its how well I play, its always the post analysis conversation but

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Closer to Home


A popular addition to this website has been my holiday and travel related competitions that are currently available across a range of familiar websites, newspapers and magazines.

I only select the very best and most exciting in the market so keep an eye out for these great opportunities to win some wonderful prizes.

Specific terms & conditions apply to each.

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Blogging All Over The World

As I record my travel memories I am also looking forward to that next trip, that next experience and to visiting new countries. To chart those places I have created a map to monitor my progress as I attempt to blog all over the world. 

I am also welcoming guest bloggers so if you wish to be featured on my site with back links to your website and contact details then please get in touch.

Check out my story and the map to date as I continue #bloggingallovertheworld

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Italy Highlights of Italy There are not many people in this big old world of ours that don’t love many or perhaps all things Italian.

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Japan An Introduction To Japan Japan had never been a destination that I had ever really considered visiting. However with the country hosting a Rugby

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Ljubljana, Slovenia


SLOVENIA An Introduction To Slovenia To many of us Slovenia is a little bit of an unknown country and one that is often mixed up

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