A 12 Hour Magical Tour of Tokyo – Day 8

A 12 Hour Magical Tour of Tokyo​

A 12 Hour Magical Tour of Tokyo

Now if our itinerary had stayed as it had been planned 12 months ago we would have enjoyed four days in Tokyo. With the typhoon disruption we sadly had just 36 hours so it was important to get out fresh and early today with a clear plan of sites to visit. Sadly my Welsh friends from last night put paid to that and I woke at midday with no plan or idea where I was 🤦‍♂️

Dom, who had sloped away early last night was bright eyed and bushy tailed but as a good pal he recognised my condition and my need for some high energy food so promptly took me for a Krispy Creme rugby doughnut breakfast.

Senjoji Temple

First stop on a 12 hour magical tour of Tokyo was the Senjoji Temple however en route we encountered our first train screw up. Rather amusingly we clearly looked a little lost (and in my case broken) at Shinjuku station as some Japanese businessman came over to us and offered us help and accurate local advice. However Dom ignored that and as our current train monitor then proceeded to mistake the station of Asakusa for Akasaka so we endured an additional 36 train stops and wasted yet more of our precious Tokyo time…🤬

Once we got there….I loved the Senjoji Temple, the oldest in Tokyo, with its authentic stalls selling local products and as you will see from the pics there are lots of people dressed in traditional style which makes the area pretty special. This was the real Tokyo.

Realising my Krispy creme doughnut intake was not going to get me through the day we decided to have a sushi lunch … really not my thing however the entertainment value I had eating it was far more pleasurable given my inability to eat rice with chop sticks. Did I enjoy it?? Not sure but there are many that would ….Dom included!

Dining al fresco...

Next stop was the Shibuya pedestrian crossing – the busiest in the world and in my opinion symbolic of everything that is Tokyo – action in all directions.

For dinner we were joined by Matt Gill from Travel Bulletin at the incredible street food area called Omoide Yokocho by Shinjuku railway station – bustling streets, paper lanterns, rich colours and each food station offering al fresco dining with your dinner cooked in front of you. For the record I had the beef, Dom the liver and Matt enjoyed the rectom (see menu). This place is another must and certainly not the arse end of nowhere although Matt may think otherwise.

Today I really got a feel for how genuine and lovely the Japanese people are. One of my favourite phrases over the years has been that “kindness is a strength” and that is none more so than here in Japan.I would thoroughly recommend a 12 hour magical tour of Tokyo.


"Yesterdays observation – was that however many elderly ladies you invite to have your seat on a crowded train they all decline…. maybe that rogue batch of anti aging juice has had more of a negative effect on me than I had initially realised."


Today we ride the bullet train west from Tokyo …. I hope 😉

The Adventure Continues...
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