Kawaguchiko Fuji to Yokohama – Day 24

Kawaguchiko, Japan, Asia

A morning in Kawaguchiko Fuji...

After a healthy breakfast of about 17 croissants 🥐 it was another early start as with the weather nice again and a morning in Kawaguchiko we wanted to see Fuji from the top of the cable car which runs up and down the mountain just across from the boat cruise departure point in the centre of Kawaguchiko town.

A cable car trip is 800 yen and you can buy a ticket to include a boat trip for 1600 yen so about £13 in total which i think is very good value.

We just did the cable car and crammed ourselves into a dated cabin for the short 5 minute journey to the top. I loved how the immaculately dressed conductor holds his head bowed until departure from the station…. it looked like he was praying that it got there safely which coincidentally is exactly what I had on my mind.

At the top there are great views plus there is stuff for the kids to do re games mostly revolving around traditions that relate to two rabbits and a racoon.

A bedtime story...

The 2 guardian rabbits are at the Usagi Shrine. If you pat the head of the “Dreaming rabbit” (the one that’s lying down) it’s meant to give you wisdom. If you rub the legs of the “Kawaguchiko Fuji rabbit” (the one that’s standing) it’s meant to give you strength. I rubbed both furiously but I am still making stupid travel mistakes and still knackered so basically it’s a load of old codswallop!

The Tale of the Raccoon revolves around a man capturing a raccoon then his wife releases it, the raccoon then kills the wife boils her body into a soup, morphs into her and feeds it to the man before running off!!! No wonder Japanese kids are so well behaved if that’s the type of bedtime story they get!

Noge Alley and Yokohama

After a morning in Kawaguchiko we then said goodbye to lovely Kawaguchiko and Fuji and hit the tracks with Lisa flawlessly navigating our way to Yokohama which once again is the venue for Saturdays game. Now those of you who have followed the blog will know about last weeks disasterous journey to the game where we ended up at the wrong stadium. Well we decided to book accommodation in Yokohama as opposed to Tokyo and unbeknown to us on arrival we had only booked a hotel right next door to the very same bloody baseball stadium.

What I love about trips like this is the random nature of travelling as you simply never know when you might uncover somewhere that blows you away and sure enough tonight I went to one of my very favourite places in my entire tour of Japan.

Noge Alley is a small area on a river close to Kannai station in Yokohama. It is full of quirky little restaurants and bars, many with room for perhaps just half a dozen people. We chose a little restaurant which was served by two gorgeous young friendly Japanese ladies who all loved the opportunity to try out their pigeon English. The food was sensational as was the wine but most of all the setting and atmosphere of the area was something very special and even better that it was not busy or seedy like the touristy Shinjuku area of Tokyo.



"Yesterday’s observation was Lisa witnessing a middle aged gentleman with a large mole on his chin. Nothing funny there except that he had allowed the hair to grow out of it to a length of about one foot long. No sooner had this been spotted when we saw another person who had done the same. 🤦‍♂️"


Today we discover Yokohama as the adventure continues….

The Adventure Continues...
Kawaguchiko, Japan, Asia
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