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Hello I’m Rupert and “Just One For The Road” is my travel website and blog describing many an amusing tale and adventure from a life and career in the UK travel industry. 

Over the past 30 years I have visited some of the most beautiful destinations, attended some wonderful sporting events, been hosted at some incredible venues and witnessed the most amazing wildlife.

I  still have a long way to go if I am going to fulfill my life’s ambition of visiting every continent on the planet and ticking off a rather deep but very exciting bucket list.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings as much as I have writing them and who knows perhaps they may inspire you to do similar.  

About Us, Rupert, Mount Fuji

The Journey So Far...

Born in Surrey but raised in Sussex I left college in 1986 with the prospect of a job at Air UK Ltd, a small UK airline offering a range of domestic flights as well as some international routes to cities close to the UK such as Amsterdam, Brussels and Paris. I stayed at Air UK for 7 years working initially in accounts and credit control before embarking on two years working on the ticket desk at Gatwick airport primarily selling flights to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Of "Corse" you can...

In 1993 I joined a company called Independent Air Travel who had a number of different divisions including charter and brokering departments as well as tour operating. It was this tour operating arm – Holiday Options – where I worked in credit control and product until an opportunity came about to work in Corsica as a resort manager. It was here that I set up a new company base at Figari airport in 1998.

After returning back to the UK, I progressed through the ranks and ultimately became the Sales and Marketing Manager charged with spearheading the sales for a selection of specialist Mediterranean islands. This then developed further as I was part of a team that then launched Croatia, Cape Verde and a select number of other specialist destinations on to the UK holiday map.

From Sunny Beach in Bulgaria to Beachcomber...

From 2009, I spent 5 years working in central London as the Sales & Marketing Manager for the tour operator Balkan Holidays – a Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia specialist.

For the past 5+ years and until Covid 19 tore the travel industry apart I was a Sales Manager for Beachcomber Tours – another specialist UK tour operator – this time for Mauritius, Seychelles and the Middle East.

A Shot In The Dark...

Last year on a trip to the Rugby World Cup and after a night in a shot bar in downtown Hong Kong I started to write a facebook travel blog highlighting my journey and the endless experiences along the way. Rather surprisingly, it soon gained quite a following as I described my travels, a few schoolboy errors and some ludicrous observations.

Upon returning home I decided, just for fun, to teach myself how to design and launch a website. At the same time I wanted to showcase not only these recent travels but also start to collate all thats gone before and plan for those ahead.

My intention, like anyone who loves to travel, is to experience our natural wonders and faraway places whilst having fun. However underlying the humour and some of the obscure observations is always a desire to ensure that my passion for nature, animal welfare and the environment is evident and that long after I am gone, future generations will continue to enjoy our wonderful world.

Extraordinary Experiences

There is always a story to be told whether its skiing in Bosnia, island hopping in the Seychelles, a major international sporting event or a weekend break in Cornwall.

This lyric from a song by the American blues singer Bonnie Raitt called “Nick of Time” to me, just says it all……

“Life gets more precious when there is less of it to waste.”

I hope you enjoy “Just One for the Road”

Core Values .... ABOUT US

As a child adventure, wildlife and sport was always my interest. With todays increasingly threatened and changing world, my core values reflect this passion for conservation, the environment and exercise. We all know we need to do our bit… but are we? Only you can answer that!

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