An Introduction To Myanmar

Mysterious and Magical Myanmar...

Myanmar or Burma as it was formerly known is a stunning country, that due to decades of isolation it has preserved it traditions, history and way of life making it a fascinating country to discover.

Cities such as Mandalay, Inle Lake, Bagan, Yangon are all still a mystery to many. In the streets people still go about their every day travelling by horse and cart and often in local traditional clothing including longi clad men, long-necked Kayan women and unusual jewellery and headdresses.

Myanmar is a new name on the tourism map and while it is fascinating to us, you need to exercise caution and respect when visiting this wonderful country for we are as new to them as they are to us.

Getting Around...

Domestic flights in Myanmar are a good way to travel although it comes with difficulties in terms of booking as there are no online sites so everything needs to be coordinated when you are in the country and with changes of schedule frequent this means of travel while attractive financially may cause you some headaches.

Most long point to point bus journeys are comfortable and run overnight meaning you not only miss the scenery but you are likely to end up tired on arrival. However the network is efficient and good for those on a budget.

Taking a train is more expensive than by bus however you can relax and enjoy the journey however both long distance and local trains are prone to delays.

A common means of transport in Myanmar is by a shared taxis or vans. More expensive than buses it does allow you to be dropped exactly where you want to and thus avoid landing at the train or bus station and then needing to source your next stop.

Hiring your own car is not really possible however arranging a car and driver is straight forward. If you do hire your own car bear in mind the roads are poor in places and pretty hectic.

7 Top Sights & Attractions...

Inle Lake
A bustling thriving attraction where tribes from across the area come to sell their wares and you get to experience weaving, gold and silver craft, boat crafts, one-legged fishermen.

Yangon’s magnificent Shwedagon Pagoda is perhaps the most famous of the many thousand Pagodas that are scattered across this beautiful country.

U Bein Bridge
Over 150 years ago this 1.2km teak bridge was constructed where now you can enjoy its majesty both on the water or from the shore. Sunset is a particularly good time to visit.

Ngapali Beach
A pretty and under developed beach resort where you can stay in little bungalows and watch traditional life on the soft sands unfold in front of you.

The Elephant Camp
The Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp looks after orphaned, injured and retired elephants and also conserves forested areas of Myanmar and supports community projects.

Burmese Food
Discover the spicy locally grown and fresh cuisine in the villages, markets and roadside stalls plus if you are on the coast the seafood is amazing.

Trek through beautiful scenery of hillside villages and stunning nature to Pindaya and visit this natural Buddha cave and temple.

Essential information

Myanmar Flag

Continent:                         Asia

Naypyitaw or Yangon

Time Difference:              Local Time + 6h 30m



Flight Time:
11h 40m from London

Yes (FCO Advice)

Language:                          Burmese

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