The story so far....

As a child my parents took me and my brother, during the heyday of the 70’s package holiday, to destinations in mainland Europe or on UK holidays to the South West. These will remain some of my forever memories.

Into my carefree 20’s and 30’s and with budgets tight it was Europe that was calling me. Some of this travel was because I worked in the travel industry for an airline and then a tour operator plus of course there were the personal holidays and city breaks. I also spent a year living and working in Corsica in the 90’s…. such magical times.

Through my 40’s and so far into my 50’s I have become far more adventurous. As a result I have looked to travel further afield with the lure of completely different destinations, cultures and wildlife to witness. There have also been challenges to overcome as well as major sporting events to endure where I cheer on my beloved England to anticipated glory but ultimately, in most cases, abject failure!

Don't stop me now I'm having such a good time...

The older I have got the more I have had that burning wish to pack my bags. At the age of 50+ I am ready to see more of this wonderful world so that I have more “forever memories” to cherish rather than, when I reach the later stages of my life, thinking about what I could and should have done.

Life and travel for me go hand in hand. Here are some of the places and the stories of the countries I have visited so far but while the mind is ticking and the body is able, I sincerely hope that there will always be time for… Just One For The Road.

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