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Germany is one of those countries that has always fascinated me. My mother had a German stepmother so she picked up a lot of culinary talents not to mention the language from her and in turn attempted to pass those skills down the family line. During childhood holidays we often travelled through Germany en route to Austria or in those days Yugoslavia. In recent times I have embraced the fabulous opportunies in German city breaks and loved both Dusseldorf and Cologne.  

The German countryside is breathtaking from the coasts in the north, the forests, rivers and vineyards of the centre and the Bavarian Alps in the West. Add to this the culture, the history, the food and beer plus of course its love of sport and in particular the nations football rivalry with old foe England.

As a city break destination Germany is right up there with some of the best in Europe. The buzzing capital of Berlin or cities like Munich, Hamburg, Dresden or Dusseldorf provide a wealth of entertainments and nightlife and you can enjoy fabulous traditional German cuisine such as sausages, schnitzel and roast pork accompanied by enormous steins of beer.

Germany has given so much to the world – Karl Benz invented the motor car, there was aspirin, the music of Beethoven, there was Einstein plus of course you have the history from the first half of the 20th century which will forever hold a fascination for many that visit.

Germany is a country that deserves to be explored…

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Getting Around

We are accustomed to Germans being super efficient and when it comes to travelling around, Germany is probably as good as anywhere in Europe.

Driving around Germany is a dream with a superb road network and the infamous Autobahns offering quick (sometimes too quick), reliable access from major points.

Both for long distance trips and for short regional journeys you will find the rail network easy and frequent if a little on the expensive side. Keep your eyes peeled though as there are often deals available to entice.

Buses are a good value option for travellers particularly in the cities and in recent years the long distance bus network has continued to grow so this is again a great option.

A regional flight network is excellent connecting all the major regional cities and these short hops are well priced particularly in advance.

Germany's Top Attractions

Neuschwanstein Castle
Built in 1869 and located in the heart of the Bavarian Alps, Neuschwanstein is probably the world’s most famous castle.

Europa Park
Germanys answer to Disneyland is Europa Park, complete with mouse mascot and is the countries largest amusement park with a huge range of exhilirating rides and activities.

Brandenburg Gate
A national symbol of Germany, the gate was built in to mark the end of the boulevard, Unter den Linden but since then it has been the venue of a number of historical events culminating in the Berlin walls removal in 1989 and the symbol of the countries unification.

Munich Oktoberfest
The world largest fair, the famous Munich Beer Festival takes place every October and receives over 6 million visitors annually – that’s a lot of beer!

Cologne’s Cathedral
The gothic Cathedral in Cologne is known as the Kölner Dom and is one of Germany’s most important architectural monuments and the third tallest cathedral in the world. During the bombings in World War II, the Cathedral was the only building that survived.

The City of Trier
Germany’s oldest city was founded as a Roman colony in 16 B.C. and is the ultimate excursion for history connoisseurs. Attractions include the Porta Nigra is an enormous Roman city gate and the Cathedral of Trier, which holds the Holy Robe, the garment said to be worn by Jesus when he was crucified.

Black Forest
For walking, driving or biking this 4,600 square mile stretch of Germany is a dream for nature lovers. Discover rolling hills, small villages, and lush forests and follow routes such as the wine road of the Clock Road charting the history of the simple Cuckoo clock.

Dresden Frauenkirche
The beautiful Dresden Frauenkirche, the Church of Our Lady was destroyed in World War Two and left as a symbol until 1994 when it was reconstructed and reopened in 2005.

The Romantic Road
For scenic routes this 3 day trip starting in Wurzberg, Bavaria is perhaps Germanys finest with a glorious mix of typical German scenery, culture, castles, charming medieval towns and half-timbered houses

Christmas Markets
German Christmas Markets are legendary. Full of bright lights set amongst wooden stalls selling locally crafted gifts. To get you in the mood there is always the traditional Gluhwein, hearty food and raucous singing. One of the best Christmas markets is in Nuremberg.

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