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A Balkan Secret

The small country of Montenegro, one of Europes best kept secrets, packs a punch when it comes to reasons why you would want to visit. There are majestic mountains rising from the sea, ancient walled towns, luxury hotels, sensational beaches and a nightlife that is bursting at the seams in the hot summer months.

Montenegro is also a great place to get active with opportunities for hiking, water rafting and zip lining in the national parks not to mention the seaside and all the activities available there.

The food in Montenegro has been influenced by many regions over the years and often made with seasonal ingredients and olive oil. Fish and seafood dishes such as prawn Buzara are of course popular on the coast. Head up into the hills and meat dishes are popular with favourites of mine the steaks, cevapi and pljeskavica. The light pastry known as Burek can be enjoyed both sweet for breakfast or savoury at other times of the day and is a common dish found throughout the Balkan peninsular.

For those of you looking to discover the beauty of the Adriatic Riviera then the country of Montenegro simply has to be on the list.

I was lucky enough to visit back in 2013 and you can read my blog here.

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Getting Around

Buses are an excellent means of transport in Montenegro and link all major towns and are both affordable and reliable.

Hiring a car will give you freedom to explore some of Montenegro’s incredible scenery however be aware that mountain roads are daunting and only for the confident driver

Trains are cheap but the network is limited so make sure you plan ahead.

Though there are two airports in Montenegro – Podgorica and Tivat. There are no domestic flights available within the country.

Cycling is rare although in some parts of the country the countryside would be ideal for cyclists.

Taxi boats during the summer months and ferry services are available in the summer and operate a limited program in other months.  

Montenegro's Top Attractions

For those looking to relax and enjoy the sunshine coupled with luxury accommodation then Becici is possibly the best holiday resort in the country with a magnificent beach.

A playground for the rich and famous the town of Budva is throbbing in the summer months both on the beaches, in the bars and clubs and throughout the towns small cobbled streets.

Durmitor National Park
In the northern most corner of the country is Durmitor National Park which is a great place for hiking, kayaking and other extreme mountain sports.

A UNESCO world Heritage listed fortified town with a sea faring history the town of Kotor is the countries most visited destination.

Lake Skadar
The largest lake on the Balkan peninsular is shared across both Montenegro and Albania. Not only is it beautiful but also home to many species of bird and wildlife making it ideal for nature enthusiasts.

This tiny hillside town on the banks of the Bay of Kotor is considered one of the most beautiful places in Montenegro.

Stari Bar
This old historic town, set up in the hills and close to the Albanian border is full of history and beauty especially the old aquaduct.

Sveti Stefan
This stunning small inlet along on the Adriatic has for half a century been an exclusive hotel where many famous celebrities can be spotted.

Tara River Canyon
Part of Durmitor National Park, the Tara River Canyon borders Bosnia and Herzegovina and is popular for white water rafting in the spring and summer months. The Montenegrin town of Zabljak and the lovely Durdevica bridge is worth a visit.

An old town with a laid back seaside feel on a glorious long 13 km beach.

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