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Canada is a country that begs to be explored. With the breathtaking scenery and wildlife of the Rockies, the Atlantic coast, the raw beauty of Alaska, the flat lands of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the hills of Ontario not to mention numerous welcoming friendly cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec, Calgary and Montrea to name but a few.

I am a huge fan of this country and I yearn to hire a camper van and take off in search of bear, moose, dramatic mountain scenery and crystal clear waters…in fact that is exactly what I did to celebrate my 50th birthday and I loved every moment of it as Canada just delivers at every turn.

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Getting Around

With so much to enjoy about the country where do you start when planning ?

Hiring a car or an RV (recreational vehicle) is an ideal way to get about on the wide open roads where great views are never far. You do need to be 21 years of age and have had a license for over a year but other than that it should be fairly straight forward.

Flights as you would imagine are plentiful from all of the key sights with Westjet and Air Canada being the two main domestic airlines.  however think of what you are missing in between.

The Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver or Ontarios Polar Bear Express are two well known scenic railway options however surprisingly normal passenger train travel is fairly limited.

Greyhound buses are common and another way of taking the load off your feet and mind when travelling from point to point.

Canada's Top Attractions

Banff National Park, Alberta
The oldest National Park in Canada and home to the Grizzly Bear as well as the towns of Banff and Lake Louise which is accessed by the iconic route called the Icefields Parkway

The Rockies, British Columbia
A 3,000 mile wountain range stretching from British Columbia down to New Mexico in the United States. For awesome scenery, wildlife and just fresh air there are few better places in the world to switch off and be inspired by nature.

Whistler, British Columbia
The top ski resort in all of North America dominated by the two famous mountains Whistler and Blackcomb. In the spring and summer the resort is perfect for hiking and mountain activities.

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
A place for outdoor adventures particularly with the Cape Breton Highlands National Park offering amazing hiking and outdoor pursuits.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Whether you choose to view Niagara from the US or the Canada side it is a spectacular sight. The Horseshoe falls on the Ontario side offers observation towers, restaurants, souvenir shops and casinos to entertain.

Churchill, Manitoba
For wildlife this relatively small town on the Hudson bay offers visitors the chance to view polar bears, beluga whales, birds and withness the amazing aurora borealis.

Calgary, Alberta
Home to the world famous rodeo event, the Calgary stampede, this city boasts a wealth of attractions including fantastic shopping, zoos, galleries, botanical gardens, amusement parks and it also hosts regular music, film and dance events.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Back in the early 1990’s I first put foot on Canadian soil in Vancouver and immediately fell in love with the country. I just found it so authentic which sounds bizarre but thats what I loved….Stanley Park for its green spaces, Granville Island for its food or Chinatown for the shops and chaos.

Toronto, Ontario

A city I visited back in the 90’s and one that I loved for its cosmopolitan friendly feel. A trip up the world famous CN tower is of course a must.

Ottawa, Ontario
The capital of Canada is a relaxed easy going city offering historical highlights like the Byward Market as well as open green spaces, parks and waterways.

Montreal, Quebec Province

A welcoming city offering excellent shopping and nightlife plus a wander through the cobbled streets of Old Montreal a must to witness street musicians and artists.

Quebec, Quebec Province
A historic small city with its French heritage and feel. I loved the cobbled streets , the fine restaurants and the central square with probably the best Christmas shop in the world at the heart of the city.

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