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The Land Of Plenty

I have always liked Australia – I have always liked the Aussies. Great sports rivals, straight talking folk and a country that has everything you want.

Great weather, superb beaches, incredible nature, endemic wildlife, amazing food, an outdoor lifestyle and a fantastic sense of humour. Plus they have one of my favourite songs from my teenage years – Down Under by Men At Work!

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Getting Around

With so much to enjoy about the country where do you start when planning ?

If you are touring then the recent documentary on ITV with Gryff Rhys Jones has highlighted the Perth to Sydney train journey called the Indian Pacific. It takes 3 days and sets you back between 900 and 2300 Australian dollars. Its a great way to understand the vast nature of the country.

Flights are of course available in most key locations and as an idea the Perth to Sydney route from west to east coast is a 6 hour flight.

Of course for those really wanting a taste of Australian life you can take the road and whether its in a camper van or a hire car this is a fantastic way to discover off the beaten track gems.

Australia's Top Attractions

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
A world heritage listed park and one of the seven wonders of the natural world.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Deep in the heart of Australia and formerly known as Ayers Rock this is one of the most photographed locations in the world and a world heritage site.

Blue Mountains National Park
Just 80kms west of Sydney this eucalyptus scented world heritage park provides visitors with incredible natural treasures. These include waterfalls, aboriginal rock paintings, gorges and miles of hiking opportunities.

Daintree National Park
The biodiversity of this World heritage site is incredible as tropical rainforest meets  the fine white sands of the Coral Sea.

Kakadu National Park
This is the largest national park in all of Australia and is teeming with wildlife, rainforest, swamps and ancient rock paintings.

Great Ocean Road
As road trips go this is pretty special. A 300km drive takes you along the south east coast including Port Campbell National Park and the twelve apostles rock formation.

Bondi Beach
Just a 15 minute drive from Sydney Bondi Beach is the original surfing centre of the world and an iconic location for backpackers and toned beach bodies.

Kangaroo Island
Easily combined and accessed from Adelaide this is a nature lovers paradise.

Fraser Island
The largest sand island in the world and a world heritage site where visitors come to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.

Visit the opera house, walk across Sydney harbour bridge, party the new year in or just revel in the cosmopolitan nature of Darling harbour. The beautiful city of Sydney is a must on any visit to the land down under!

Located on the Yarra River, Melbourne is a popular attraction for visitors looking for culture and style as the city is full of restaurants, shops, galleries and theatres.

Surrounded by the Australian outback and the Indian Ocean Perth is the capital of Western Australia and boasts great weather and beaches.

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