Fukuoka, Japan – Day 13

Fukuoka, Japan, Asia

Time to discover Fukuoka ... maybe....

I ended my last blog with the words “tomorrow we discover Fukuoka”. Well that didn’t happen because celebrating a World Cup quarter final win in Japan against Australia does require some celebrating!

We were also due to go to the Wales France quarter final but with the late night and the 2 hour long journey required to get to the stadium we had, like many, binned that idea and instead opted for a more leisurely sedate alternative…. we found a bar.

The next 12 hours involved watching two games of rugby including the Japan game with hoardes of high pitched screaming Japanese drinking Lychee Spumanis – we joined in of course for what was a fantastic afternoon and evening !

One minor event occurred this evening where we somehow ended up sampling what we believed was a crab stick and it turned out to be a fishy cat treat….. don’t ask !!

There is more to Fukuoka.... I think

Given my poor analysis of Fukuoka here is a link to a much more informative guide.


"Yesterday’s observation - Japanese ladies watching rugby are perhaps more entertaining than the rugby"


Today we head for Osaka via Hiroshima….

The Adventure Continues...
Fukuoka, Japan, Asia
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