Over the years I have enjoyed so much of Europe from the wild islands off north west Scotland to the warm Mediterranean seas from Spain to Turkey.

The different seasons open up opportunities for visitors with the winter months providing some of the best skiing and winter sports holidays in the Dolomites and the Alps. Spring and Autumn days are ideal for city breaks while the summer months sun worshippers are drawn to the sandy beaches along the length and breadth of the Mediterannean.

How can you not love this part of the world… the history, food, culture, people and above all from my perspective, its proximity to home makes Europe a continent that will forever attract visitors and for that matter – myself!


With the dawn of low-cost airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair and Jet 2, the majority of Europe is now just a short hop and a skip to reach whether for a holiday, short break or an adventure.

Travelling by train and road is also easy and a delight. The saying always used to be let the train take the strain and sure enough this is such an enjoyable way in which to discover this beautiful and diverse continent.

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Wildlife & Nature

Just like the choice of countries you also have a variety of wildlife from the incredibly rich Danube delta and Carpathian mountains in the East where bear still roam to the warm waters of the med where an abundance of marine life can be seen.

In Summary

For me my love has always been the Adriatic countries that are now Croatia and Slovenia plus I used to live on the stunning island of Corsica so this also holds a special place in my heart.

With the wind behind me I really hope that my next european adventure is to Malta.

Europe packs a punch and is worth exploring at your own pace and in your own way.

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