Fukuoka to Hiroshima to Osaka – Day 14

Hiroshima, Japan, Asia

Hiroshima... hitting the tracks

Today we got the trip back on the tracks and headed with our travel buddy Lisa to Hiroshima on the fantastic bullet train which continues to amaze me. It’s such an awesome piece of kit although this particular experience did have its moment.

Having been out partying the night before the last thing you need is a 1 hour 30 minute train journey where it’s standing room only alongside the most annoying, irritating person who just wont stop talking – no not Dom ….. yes we got that woman we all dread that just wont shut up……you can only imagine our faces.

A solemn city..

We arrived into Hiroshima and dumped our bags in one of the locker rooms that exist at each station. Depending on how long you stay it works out great value for money. We were there half a day and it cost 500 yen each so about £3.50.

We then needed a taxi to Lisa’s hotel as she was staying on in Hiroshima while us two headed on to Osaka. A fantastically turned out gentleman with white gloves helped us into the taxi only for Lisa to close the door trapping his fingers in it….. the poor guy will certainly need new gloves and possibly fingers…

We had a wander around the shopping streets of Hiroshima and over to the memorial park which is free to walk around and observe the various monuments in memory of the lost from the atomic bomb in 1945. Maybe its just because we know the history but i found Hiroshima to be a very solemn place and I was pleased we only did this as a day visit. Having said “Sayonara” to Lisa we then powered on to Osaka and the Crowne Plaza where we had an early night in order to recharge for Day 15….. yes you did read that correctly.


"Yesterday’s observation - is that Japanese traffic lights take a blood vessel burstingly long time to change…."


Today we discover Osaka ….

The Adventure Continues...
Hiroshima, Japan, Asia
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