Hong Kong and Kowloon – Day 3

Discover Hong Kong and Kowloon

24 Hours to Discover Hong Kong and Kowloon

Prior to heading out to discover Hong Kong and Kowloon we had a midday logistics meeting to discuss our plans. Well actually it was to discuss the fact that we had no plan. We subsequently agreed to delay our trip to Japan till Monday and instead go to the Las Vegas of the east, Macau.

So we spent the afternoon exploring Hong Kong including a boat trip from HK island to Kowloon. Once there we embarked upon some power walking in 38 degree heat along the bay. There was a serious number of shady looking characters about so it was refreshing that Dom blended in despite his height.

With helicopters circling and gun boats in the bay it was clear that we needed to get back to the relative safety of Hong Kong island. With the demonstrations avoided we went up the funicular railway to โ€œthe peakโ€ for fantastic views of the city and bay.


From gunboats to shots...

We met up with a pal of Doms in the evening who took us to the Hong Kong Central district which is great for al fresco bars and restaurants. We settled on one called Ho Lee Fook which was fantastic if a little pricey. In fact when I got the bill I uttered the restaurants name ๐Ÿ˜‚.

There followed a brief four hour stop in Geronimos shot bar. Hidden upstairs and overlooking the main drag this bar was accessed via a 1950’s style lift. If it was to have broken down I am not sure if we would have ever been seen again! With a wall chart of previous customers drinking exploits we soon worked our way through a veritable feast of mind blowing shots. So I have always hated wasabi, tequila and tomato juice. As a result the signature shot of wasabi, tequila and tomato juice did not go down well.

A night to remember …. or maybe not !


"Yesterdays observation - there appears to be no cats in Hong Kong."


Today we discover Macau ....

The Adventure Continues...
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