Hong Kong to Macau – Day 4

Macau, Asia

Farewell Hong Kong...

Today has been tough. Last nights shotathon in Geronimos had left the two of us weary and irritable but the show must always go on.

The day started with a Hong Kong taxi driver who thought he was Ayrton Senna but drove like Stevie Wonder. The taxis are actually really good value for money assuming they can see the car in front of them.

I liked Hong Kong especially the central district at night with the markets for that authentic experience and the people who were all so friendly. For a stopover destination it’s ideal. The city is safe except in the areas where these demonstrations are taking place. There is a website (in Cantonese) which states where and when the protests are happening so it’s easy for you to avoid them by asking at your hotel. I just hope they sort the problems out as it’s now affecting tourism, business and jobs bit its a long road ahead I feel.

With the new itinerary now buttoned up, off we popped from Hong Kong to Macau by SeaCat. £17 for a one hour transfer although the sea movement, the hot cabin and a screaming brat helped our moods no end!

Hello Macau....I wasn't expecting you

We arrived into a steamy yet welcoming Macau. Everything runs like clockwork here including the shuttle to the ornate Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 Hotel. These are organised to precision by what can only be described as brightly coloured thunderbird style airline hostesses. So quirky – they were great!

The staff at the Sofitel are superb too however while doing my own private site inspection I did tread on a casino worker who was considerably smaller than me and suddenly appeared from nowhere. She was none too impressed.

The remainder of the day was spent by the pool and an evening of crispy cuttlefish, spicy noodles and diet Coke put us back on track.


"Yesterdays observation – spitting on a transfer bus is not allowed in Macau"


Today we explore Macau

The Adventure Continues...
Macau, Asia
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