Kobe to Tokyo, Japan – Day 17

Tokyo, Japan, Asia

Kobe to Tokyo Again ! ....

After yesterday’s decision to change the itinerary 😂 we boarded the 1 hour Skymark airlines 1pm flight from lovely little Kobe to Tokyo Haneda Airport which is better for us as it’s located nearer to the centre of Tokyo.

With a small typhoon on its way the crew refused to do a service and warned us of a choppy ride but it was plane sailing all the way – thank god as despite all my adventures I am still an uneasy flyer.

On arrival at Haneda a quick toilet stop was required and I can report a couple of interesting male (clearly) toilet observations. Alongside the urinal there is a hook specifically marked for you to hang your umbrella and upon leaving the washbasin area there is what’s called a “grooming” area (see photo) which perhaps explains why Japanese businessmen are so well turned out however they do all wear exactly the same black suit and white shirt.

We took the half hour free shuttle bus to one of the many Apa budget style hotels in Shinjuku and crashed till dinner.

A wild night in the launderette...

Pre dinner we witnessed a Kiwi marriage proposal (see photo) outside a grubby pub full of drunk English and Welsh fans….. romance is clearly not dead 🤦‍♂️

After dinner more friends from Doms rugby club were arriving into Tokyo and me feeling somewhat jaded decided to spend the night relaxing and doing my laundry while Dom headed out into the mix 😂

Now I am no Dot Cotton but Japanese laundrettes do attract some weird folk such as the lady pictured with Godzilla and I absolutely love the fact that the washing machine talks to you during the different phases – ok it’s all in Japanese but it kind of made me feel safe that someone was taking good care of my pants 😂

So after a wild night in the laundrette I hit the sack as I have two big days ahead!


"Yesterday’s observation – was that I have never witnessed such an orderly, well organised boarding of a flight than that of this internal Kobe Tokyo sector. No pushing or queuing at the gate, no overloaded lockers, no fannying about on board thus delaying the flight. Just like everything in this wonderful country – it was seamless."


Today its time for some retail therapy Tokyo style….

The Adventure Continues...
Kobe, Japan, Asia
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