Kyoto to Fukuoka, Japan – Day 11

Fukuoka, Japan, Asia

Fukuoka a new place & a new friend...

Today was fairly uneventful so following our 3 hour journey from Kyoto to Fukuoka which included our customary missed tube stop we rolled into Fukuoka – a place Dom and I had been discussing for over a year but which until arrival we still had no idea what this place had to offer visitors.

Given the need for a recharge we checked into the Hotel Lively and met up with our new friend Lisa, who as a lady travelling to the Rugby on her own had put in a request on the England fans facebook group for some easy going, safe gentleman to keep her out of trouble, bars and seedy joints etc. Who better could she have picked than us although our first discussion was to advise her that the Hotel Lively offered free beer between 1730 and 1830. It was 1630 and that was that – we got lively !!

In the evening Dom navigated us beautifully from the hotel via the underground basement of a urine infested car park to the marginally more pleasing Morris pub where we sampled bangers and mash with chop sticks and by chance we bumped into a couple of travel industry stalwarts Steve Endacott and Martin Froggett.

Rather bizarrely I did the same in 2003 in Sydney.


"Yesterdays observation – never look a snow monkey in the eye! "


Today its at last time to watch some rugby !!

The Adventure Continues...
Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan, Asia
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