South America

South America has all the ingredients for a truly unforgettable holiday or adventure. From the imposing Andes and the steamy Amazonian rainforest to the icy glaciers of Patagonia and Atacama Desert’s arid expanses.

For some reason I feel that many of us see South America as that last continent to visit. Maybe its the distance from the UK or the fact its so unknown but in recent years popularity has really grown and rightly so as these natural riches combine with an irresistable culture, welcoming locals, fascinating history, superb cuisine, a thriving nightlife plus there is always the magic of catching a game of football at the Maracana in Brazil.

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Unlike Central America, South America covers an enormous distance. The costs of international flights can be expensive compared to flying internally within countries so a useful tip therefore is to cross the borders by bus then fly within the countries to maximise your time and budget.

Although bus travel is the cheapest method of travelling you need to be cautious of your belongings on some of the border routes.

Hiring a car isn’t really advised as the traffic can be chaotic and you don’t want to be driving anywhere alone which is off the beaten track.

Some islands are too far to travel to by sea, so to visit San Andres, Easter Island, the Galapagos Islands or the Falkland Islands, you would need to fly.

Nature & Wildlife

South America is a continent of dense rainforests, turquoise glaciers, red-rock canyons and towering volcanoes. The wildlife is incredibly rich and diverse from the jungles to the glaciers.

In Summary

A continent that holds so much appeal to me and one that I shall be visiting as soon as I can.

I know it will be one of the trips of my life…. I just hope I remember it as I am partial to a bottle of Argentinian Malbec!

Ecuador & Galapagos Islands, South America
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