Bangkok & Home – Day 28

Thailand and Home

Hello and Goodbye Bangkok..

So its Thailand and home for me now and I am writing this at 34,000 feet and 10 hours into my Bangkok to London flight. This journey home kind of summarises the whole trip – long, crazy, tiring and a little bumpy but has it delivered? Damn right it has (even though England ultimately didn’t ).🤦‍♂️

Thanks to Dom for the first 2/3 weeks and for so much of the organisation, navigation and inebriation. To Lisa for the final week of madness and the giggles and to all those I met along the way – it’s been a blast!

Hong Kong was a great stop over and a place I had always wanted to visit, Macau was an unplanned visit and just wonderfully nuts but Japan just had it all and if you are tempted I urge you to go as it’s a country that makes you think and reevaluate.

The nature and the mountains were just incredible, the mystery of the Geishas in the stunning Gion district of Kyoto, the history albeit so sad of Hiroshima, the beef from Kobe, the Korean quarter of Osaka, the beauty and cleanliness of Yokohama and the bright lights and nightlife of Tokyo!

Throughout the country it’s the quirky little oddities that are alien to us but normal to the Japanese that you notice and talk about and which I have tried to highlight in my own way. I always think that’s what travelling is all about, not the pool “hot dog” shots of your feet or the beer at the airport but instead the crazy, the unusual and the unexpected.

Arigato Japan...

Finally of course there were the wonderful Japanese people who are so polite, generous, friendly, kind and welcoming.

I shot this video as I left the Rugby final on Saturday and although I was sad at the result how could anyone not have appreciated these faces of both young and old.

I think it encapsulates everything about my time in Japan.

Arigato Japan – Thank you Japan.

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"Today’s one final observation – it’s clearly time to come home as I bowed and said hello to an attractive lady at Bangkok airport today – only thing was … she was a cardboard cut out – I did laugh at myself🤦‍♂️"


So there you go…. it’s Sayonara from me and above all remember – there’s always time for #justonefortheroad

The Adventures will continue...
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