The Rugby World Cup – Day 1 & 2

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The Rugby World Cup Tour

The Rugby World Cup Tour of Hong Kong & Japan and my bucket list trip of 2019 is under way with my good pal Dom and already it’s proving to be an adventure!

The Cathay Pacific Airways flight from Heathrow to Hong Kong was fantastic and Hong Kong airport was a dream to travel through, clean, fast customs, quick access by train into town and a free hotel bus shuttle to the satisfactory Novotel which is located in the slightly seedy but authentic Wan Chai district.

Given the humidity we checked out the bars with plans to watch some rugby and have an early night. We were promptly approached by three impressively dressed Colombian women from the aptly named town of Medellin inviting us to a nice bar with a good atmosphere….. we declined although they did have one of my Nachos.

Then our meticulously planned itinerary took a hefty body blow ….. we got word that the England France game was cancelled in two days time as the biggest typhoon of the year is bearing down on Tokyo so as experienced travel professionals we did what any of us would do….. we found another bar and promptly got on it!

We have now cancelled our 4 nights in Tokyo and won’t be travelling to Japan till Monday but as it stands we have no idea what we are doing or where we are going πŸ˜‚…. we just need to be in Japan for the England Australia quarter final in nine days time!!

I love a mystery tour and this one has started epically well.


"Yesterdays observation - if you need a new toilet seat then the Wan Chai district has a street almost entirely dedicated to them."


Today we discover Hong Kong.... I think ....

The Adventure Continues...
The Rugby World Cup Tour, Hong Kong, AsiaHong Kong, Asia
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