Tokyo to Mount Fuji – Day 21

Mount Fuji, Kawaguchiko, Japan, Asia

Mount Fuji in our sights...

With Dom sadly no longer part of the adventure I needed to decide how to spend the next week and after visiting many wonderful Japanese cities I decided it was time for me to head to the hills and hopefully see the mysterious Mount Fuji up close and personal.

Thankfully I did not need to do it alone as our Facebook travelling companion, Lisa was up for a mountain trek despite the fact she confessed to not having packed her crampons (at least I think that’s what she said). Before hitting the tracks Lisa had been working a miracle on Facebook and had negotiated tickets to the final through a Kiwi at pretty much face value which given the prices being discussed online this was an absolute steal.

We de toured to Shinagawa railway station where we met Kiwi Nick. After a polite chat the money was exchanged and the prize possession of our final match day tickets was handed over in a grubby brown envelope. Let’s hope Lisa’s dealings with potentially shady ticket touts is more reliable than mine!


Of course.....Thomas the Tank Engine

Feeling happy with ourselves we set off on what turned out to be a stunning yet highly amusing journey to Fuji changing at Shinjuku then Otsuki before boarding a Thomas the tank engine train to Fujikyu Highland where every stop en route through the valley was named after a character from the show. So there was i thinking that this trip was going to be an iconic journey I would never forget yet instead we got Harold the helicopter and Gordon the bloody steam engine.

At least we knew that on arrival we would at last experience that magical Japanese mountain retreat I had craved over the past two weeks ….well we got off Thomas the Tank Engine to find we had based ourselves in the middle of a giant roller coaster park called Fuji Q Highland …. FFS could this trip get any more bizarre and where the hell was Mount frigging Fuji !

Now I am not one to point fingers so I won’t say anything further aside from the fact I will be researching all future locations….

On a serious note the scenery on the 50 minute journey from Otsuki to Fujikyu highland was incredible and It’s left me really excited for the next couple of days exploring the mountains, nature and hopefully wildlife in the area!

In the evening we checked out the local town of Fujikyu Highland, ate Udon noodles and sampled the local award winning wine which was odd but somehow enjoyable.


"Yesterday’s observation was made at the noodle establishment. If you have a round object on the table it could be an electronic bell to call the waitress over. If you don’t realise it’s a bell to call the waitress over then it’s likely you won’t ever see a waitress."


Tomorrow we climb Fuji ….

The Adventure Continues...
Kawaguchiko, Japan, Asia
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