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Plan Ahead

Over the years working in the UK outbound travel industry I have learnt a great deal about travelling and the huge amount of travel resources at our fingertips.

Planning those key elements ahead of a trip is so important. How should you book, what I am likely to need prior to stepping foot on the aircraft, what I may need in resort, am I prepared if things do not go to plan and very importantly how to save time and money.

Starting Your Research

Researching online is a great idea to build a picture of exactly where you want to go and what you want to do. However booking anything online especially when you make the transactions separately and not as one package transaction can leave you on your own should something not go to plan. It also leaves you open to online scams!

Booking with a reputable bonded travel agent however will allay those fears and you can travel with peace of mind. You will also of course receive their expertise as this is their business to know the resorts, hotels and countries that they are selling. Its also more than possible that someone in that travel agency has been to where you are planning to go.

Save Money

So whether its a package holiday, a business trip, a golfing break or a road trip there are plenty of elements to consider.

What airport extras will you need? These include airport parking, do you need a hotel at the airport the night before. Do you want an airport lounge. Do you need speedy access through the airport? All these things are part of the airport extras and worth booking in advance to save money.

Do you need a car in your destination. Don’t leave it to the last minute to book car hire as availability may be limited and prices may be higher.

What currency does your destination have and is it better value to buy it in the UK or wait until you are in resort. Should you look to use a currency card. I do – its great and saves me £££’s. Check out your choices when considering your money abroad.

Do you have the right visas. If not, your trip may turn into a disaster.

Have you got yourself your holiday read. Check out the top titles for this year in my bookshop and order it today as opposed to a last minute rush at the airport.

Do you need a guidebook for your destination? If you are travelling somewhere a little unusual then its quite possible you wont be able to pick one up at the airport. Ordering online with Bradt Travel Guides will ensure you get the latest up to date guides and at a great price delivered straight to your door.

If you have booked your trip yourself have you arranged an airport transfer with a reputable company or just picked one off the internet and crossed your fingers. Book ahead with Holiday Taxis who work with the very best overseas suppliers all over the world.

So many of these travel resources need consideration long before you depart. Failure to do that and you could be in for a whole host of issues. So plan ahead and save money.

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