Over the years working in the UK outbound travel industry I have learnt a great deal about travelling and the travel resources at our fingertips.

All of this experience now puts me in a great place when planning to visit a country as I know where to look for all of the key elements of the trip, how to book, what I am likely to need prior to stepping foot on the aircraft, what I may need in resort, am I prepared if things do not go to plan and very importantly how to save time and money.

Where To Start...

Researching online is a great idea to build a picture of exactly where you want to go and what you want to do. However booking anything online especially when you make the transactions separately and not as one package transaction can leave you on your own should something not go to plan. It also leaves you open to online scams!

Booking with a reputable bonded travel agent however will allay those fears and you can travel with peace of mind. You will also of course receive their expertise as this is their business to know the resorts, hotels and countries that they are selling. Its also more than possible that someone in that travel agency has been to where you are planning to go.

Saving You Money

So whether its the package holiday, a lads or lasses golfing break, a road trip, just airport parking, car hire, money abroad or insurance please check out the links to travel resources and to help you get the most out of your forthcoming trip.

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