Yokohama, Japan – Day 26

Yokohama The Rugby World Cup Final

Yokohama The Rugby World Cup Final

So today was match day – The Yokohama Rugby World Cup final. Come lunchtime Lisa and I were meeting up with half a dozen mainly travel industry guys and gals for a bite to eat pre match.

Martin had given me the responsibility of sourcing a restaurant however that challenge proved slightly more difficult than I had anticipated. We found a restaurant called the Rose 🌹 which seemed apt! This restaurant was on the 8th floor of a department store and as the lift eventually opened there I found myself in my England dressing gown in the middle of the ladies night wear department which was somewhat embarrassing 🤦‍♂️

Sadly the restaurant was full (I had one job!) so Martin sourced a restaurant himself in seconds and after great difficulty we found them for a few pre match beers, pizza and a peach snapps.

What an occasion but gutted!

On arrival at the outskirts to the stadium all the English fans had taken over a Lawsons (our Londis) and were steadily emptying the shelves of everything alcoholic. Good times.

The ticket got me in which was a relief however the 30 minute queue for the loo was not such a relief ….. well it was but you know what I mean! At the game I was sat next to Paula from Halifax …. we discussed the Ainley top hotel and she also told me she lived in Japan and was fluent in Japanese. I cant imagine there are too many people from Halifax with that on their CV or am I being harsh ?

So the game was an enormous disappointment with South Africa executing the perfect game plan plus England never showed up…. oh well it’s been a blast.


"Yesterday’s observation was that when a train departs the station the railway guard faces the direction the train is going in then points to the train with his white gloves then turns and points in the opposite direction and I have no idea why…. sorry!"


Today I leave Japan….. but I am not going home just yet so the adventure and my blog continues ….and it’s somewhere I have never been before….. 🤔

The Adventure Continues...
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