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After 30 years in the UK travel industry, back in 2020 I delved into the world of travel blogging. Striving to comprehend how the best travel blogs were developed and maintained, I engaged in numerous conversations, emails, and extensive reading.

As I continue to learn and enjoy this new career, I recently decided to create a travel blogger directory. This compilation isn’t just about recognised bloggers; it also celebrates those who’ve inspired me—whether through laughter, captivating content, stunning design, or commendable causes like wildlife conservation and responsible tourism.

Take a look and see if these talented bloggers inspire you, as much as they have me! 

Sara, Seth and Millie started Atlas Adventured after selling their home in Southern California and moving to Europe. Sara was a chef in Orange County and Seth was a business owner who went to college for International Business with an emphasis on Environmentalism.  Their blog covers various topics relating to their travels. From Travel Guides about sustainable tourism or budget/family friendly destinations to Reviews about places they’ve experienced. 

Their primary focus when traveling is to teach their daughter about our diverse and beautiful world. They immerse ourselves in the culture and local cuisine while giving back to the communities they visit.  From trash pick up days, to donation days, they take every opportunity to ensure they leave each location better than they found it. 

Dave & Becca, a thirty something couple from Cheshire in the UK, started their love affair with travel in 2010, when they headed off on their 12 month, ‘once in a lifetime’ trip.

Fast forward 12 years, after house purchases, marriage, another travel gap year & successful careers in finance, they have jacked it all in once again. This time, they have decided to build their very own travel blog, whilst embarking on their 3rd ‘once in a lifetime trip’ through South and Central America! Dave & Becca most enjoy hiking adventures, the sunset over the sea, nature, food & wine.

Please don’t ask them to choose between the mountains and the beach!

Chris and Melissa met and married in midlife and honeymooned in Paris and London in October 2019. A few months later they started a travel channel on YouTube dedicated to leisure-testing destinations, activities, and restaurants to inspire others to travel and to travel better.

Doing the channel together allows them to combine their creative and entrepreneurial skills. Chris runs his own IT/software racket by day and is a content creator the rest of the time. His past endeavors include creating a comic strip and a satirical publication. Melissa works on their content full-time. Her background includes acting, journalism, and selling cars; and during the pandemic, she earned a degree in screenwriting. 

Chris loves tacos. Melissa loves scones. They both love coffee. 

Larry Edger is the man behind this really informative travel blog that focuses on the US state of Florida. This comprehensive guide showcases the best places to visit in Florida and some awesome road trips too!

Unusually but also quite refreshingly, Larry is not on any form of social media!

With promising careers in New York, Janice and Jordan caught the travel bug and quit their jobs to travel the world. Over 13 life-changing, unforgettable months where they visited four continents and 26 countries they soon became hooked on the magic and buzz that travel creates. Soon after they started their own family so the nature of their travel changed with priorities now being rest and relaxation. As a result of these different needs, they decided to focus their interests and blog on families.

Today they aim to create a trusted resource where families can find what they need to plan the most memorable and impactful parts of their trips. They hope to give every family a chance to enjoy and learn from traveling as much as they have.

Gladys has has been travelling for over 10 years, and has visited over 20 countries in Asia, Europe, and South America. She shares her travel experiences at, Happiness on the Way, a travel blog for rediscovering joy, one trip at a time.

Her blog is a compilation of off-the-beaten-path destinations, sustainable activities, and mindful experiences.

After losing his video game industry job in 2012, Marek headed to Thailand seeking time to consider his next move. At this moment he got hooked on travelling and the rest is history.

I loved his crazy blog describing his adventure in a clapped-out motor through Central America – most definitely my kind of road trip. is a travel blog dedicated to art and history buffs, eager to explore Spain’s rich cultural tapestry.

Authored by Roberta, an art historian, the site offers insightful narratives and practical tips, designed to enrich your upcoming journey to Spain.

The image depicts Roberta at the magnificent Seville Alcázar.

Now you would not expect me to create a travel blogger directory and not include my own travel blog, would you?

So this is me! In early 2020, after a 30-year career in the travel industry selling holidays, our world was turned upside down by Covid-19. At the same time, as (bad) luck would have it, my father got ill so I took the decision to take Covid redundancy and become his 24/7 carer.

Three years later after the toughest challenge of my life, a new happier chapter is unfolding. As my travel blog continues to develop, I look forward to sharing with you the adventures ahead.

An amateur photographer and travel enthusiast; Michaela has traveled 28 countries in Europe and Asia and extensively explores her home country of New Zealand. Check out LoveYaGuts travel blog to explore the beauty of New Zealand and beyond.

Hi, my name is Sondra Carpenter, native of Philadelphia, PA and the self proclaimed Mardi Gras Girl. After 4 trips to New Orleans, 2 of which were during the Mardi Gras Season, I decided to create The Mardi Gras Girl Blog as a travel journal as well as to answer questions people would ask me about the holiday and traditions.

You’ll find details on my travel experiences, plus tips and information on Mardi Gras (which by the way is French for Fat Tuesday) and the many things to see, do and eat in The Big Easy. So enjoy!

Born in Nebraska and after graduating in 2010 Todd took a job on a cruise ship. He then went on to backpack around Europe and the rest is history in the making.

Nomadic Notes was formed in 2003 by James Clarke and is a travel blog featuring travel tips, where-to-stay guides, rail travel, and old-school trip reports.

Let me introduce you to the king of travel bloggers and someone whom I reckon we have all followed and admired over many years.

Since 2008, Matthew Kepnes has helped millions of people save money, go more places, and have a more authentic experience when they get there.

Go visit Nomadic Matt – you will learn so much about where your travel blogging journey could, if you put in the work, take you!

Meet Yohan, the daring New Yorker who embraced a gap year to traverse the globe, starting with a one-way ticket to Southeast Asia. His exhilarating journey birthed a blog inspiring others to explore.

Focused on short trips, his itineraries offer unique insights and tips, transforming travel dreams into reality. Join Yohan’s adventure and ignite your passion for exploration!

A 20-something year old student, I started this blog back in 2020 with very little money to travel on, no clue how to get started and yet with more enthusiasm than ever. What started out as long nights researching itineraries and how to get around Europe on a couple of pennies, became a weekend hobby and then lifelong ambition. And while I continue to grow and visit new places, one thing has stuck with me these past 4 years – travel blogs aren’t just about sharing tips and locations, it’s about giving people the confidence to dream big and travel far because that luxury should be for everyone.

My favourite travel highlight so far? Being blessed in an old Sri Lankan Tea Factory before picking up a basket with the locals and learning to harvest Tea Leaves under the sun!

Welcome to The Nomad Hive, the ultimate crossroads for travel and remote work. We are Warren from Australia and Natasha from Mexico, partners in both life and adventure since our paths crossed in Thailand in 2015. For over 8 years, we’ve been living as full-time digital nomads and exploring the globe.

Our blog is a guide for those who want to ditch the traditional office and join the digital nomad movement. We reveal the secrets to maintaining a mobile lifestyle, from making a living online to finding the perfect work-travel balance.

We also have a collection of special places we have travelled along with practical travel advice. We’re here to show you the ropes of remote work and share how every destination can be more than a stopover, it can be a meaningful chapter in your life’s story.

Whether you’re seeking tips for your next trip or strategies to go fully nomadic, here is your gateway.

An Australian journalist who gave up his job in television to travel around the world visiting every UNESCO site there is to see.

Tom is an avid traveller, with a life goal of visiting over 100 countries. He is currently on 38, with trips to Romania and Egypt upcoming. His favourite country is Thailand, and favourite city is Mostar in Bosnia & Herzegovina.

He runs a growing travel blog which is based around his travels, and the mission of the blog to help readers with tips and stories, while documenting his travels. You will find destinations from all over the globe.

A zoologist and a photographer husband and wife team travelling the world in search of great wildlife-watching destinations while supporting wildlife conservation and promoting responsible tourism – fantastic!

I am pretty much the same, aside from the fact I am not a zoologist and I am bang average with my camera 😉 Seriously though – I love their mission!!

Diana and Stefan love traveling. They do it as often as they have the opportunity to travel, and they think travel is more than just seeing famous places and taking pictures.

For them, it’s about diving into a new travel destination, exploring hidden spots, and chatting with local people. They believe the best part of traveling is when you experience something different from what you’re used to, which helps you understand the world better and from a different perspective. They enjoy doing sports like hiking, kayaking, or biking in small unheard towns.

Samantha has been blogging for approx 8-9 years, travelling when she can but enjoying her little home base in Adelaide Australia. She is not a typical travel blogger. She didn’t wake up one day and quit her job to travel the world.

She was made redundant and desperately wanted to take control of her life, deciding to try taking her blog full-time for 6 months. In that 6 months, she learnt enough to keep blogging and adding in some travel.

German born Daniela hosts the fabulous Unique Universe Blog. In it she covers sustainable tourism with responsible travel advice, tips for eco-friendly activities and detailed accounts of community tourism.

The goal is to empower you to set out into the world, feel connected to nature while ensuring its preservation. So join her and explore the diverse places, cultures and spaces that this magnificent planet has to offer, allowing her to pass along a better globe for our future generations.


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