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Top 10 Seychelles Hotels

In 2019 I visited the beautiful islands of the Seychelles which had, for many years, been one of the destinations in the world that I had longed to visit.

I have already written a Seychelles travel blog about my visit and some of the incredible islands, beaches and experiences that I encountered along the way.

However, I often think about the wonderful Seychellois people that hosted me and those amazing hotels that I was lucky enough to experience along the way. I appreciated and will never forget their hospitality so I thought it was high time I shared with you my top 10 Seychelles hotels.

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I’m Rupert, a British chap….well to be more precise, an English gentleman. After 30+ years in the UK travel industry, a combination of Covid-19 and caring for a poorly parent totally changed the direction of my life.

Today a new fun, sustainable, nature-loving, travel blogging adventure beckons.

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