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"A travel blog of discovery, fun, reflection & hope"

Everywhere you look online there are travel blogs and websites showcasing incredible stories of intrepid souls living out their dreams and travelling the world. All of them are making memories that will last forever.

So this is my travel blog, “Just One For The Road” and my story from a lifetime travelling to all corners of the planet while working in the UK travel industry. I hope you enjoy reading these amusing travel blogs, my news and views as well as some honest destination write ups and reviews.

A Travel Blogging Challenge...

In addition to my own travel blogs and reviews I have introduced #BloggingAllOverTheWorld where I invite YOU to help me colour this map red by writing a travel blog on a destination of your choice. These will be your stories, your tips and your incredible experiences.

To be part of this challenge please just get in touch via the contact page.

Sustainability Partner...

As someone who loves to travel I am very conscious of the damage done to our planet by air travel not to mention countless other forms of transport.

With that in mind I wanted to give something back so, with it widely known that forest restoration is overwhelmingly more powerful than all other climate change solutions, I have teamed up with the company “Trees4Travel” who plants trees for you as you travel.


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“With over 30 years of experience working for airlines and tour operators I have been lucky enough to visit so many amazing countries either on business or for my own holidays.

This website, travel blog and my various social media pages aim to showcase some of these wonderful places and the adventures experienced along the way whilst also explaining why each has left a lifetime of memories to cherish forever”.

Just One For The Road

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