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Different By Nature

Exciting news arrived in my inbox last week: the fabulous Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf in La Gomera, which I visited and loved last year, is set for significant renovations and improvements in 2024.

The hotel aims to uphold its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and natural living through these changes. Expect refreshed decor and furnishings in the rooms, as well as revamped public areas like the Salon Bar, Beatriz de Bobadilla Terrace, Main Restaurant, and Pool Barbecue. Even the little ones will benefit, with major upgrades planned for the Palmito Club and “Laurus.”

Based on this video teaser, it seems this upgrade will elevate an already wonderful hotel experience to new heights!

Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf

For those who plan ahead, whether it’s for a Christmas family getaway, a golfing excursion, or even a holiday in 2025, the Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf on La Gomera should be on your radar. This unspoiled island gem is set to become even more sought-after with these enhancements!

The hotel will be closing on the 8th of April 2024 and will reopen following the changes on the 6th of December 2024.

Contact Information

For more information on the Hotel Jardin Tecina and Tecina Golf check out my review from last year. To book contact your local travel agent, tour operator or visit the Hotel Jardin Tecina website.

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