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Explore Namibia

Now, to be honest, discovering the continent of Africa is right up there on my to-do list however, it has always been the countries of South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana that have drawn my interest. Until now I had not considered a trip to explore Namibia – an off-the-beaten track, a multi-faceted destination known to many for its array of natural attractions and landscapes.

Namibia also boasts the big 5 (and the little 5) meaning that safaris can be experienced as well as adventure, star gazing and culture. The country has year-round sunshine so when you put all these attractions together you can be sure that your first visit to Namibia will not be your last.

This was indeed the case for Rannveig Snorradottir the Managing Director of Obeo Travel who has already demonstrated her love of Iceland and wanted to showcase to us why Namibia has always been a country close to her heart.

The Namibian Experience

The country of Namibia is a place that stays with you in your heart and you find yourself wanting to go back again and again. It is no surprise as the people are friendly, the wildlife is incredible and the landscape is like no other that you will find in this world!

To showcase the highlights of this spectacular country, I like to split Namibia into four very different experiences;

The Namib Desert

Sossusvlei is the oldest desert in the world, with some of the highest dunes you can find and hands down the most breathtaking desert experience you will have in your life. These dunes with their incredible red colours are best explored at sunrise – catching that moment where you can watch the colours of the dunes change.

In the heart of Sossusvlei, you will find Deadvlei, a place unique to Namibia with a large white clay pan filled with completely dead trees! It‘s the most surreal sight, and every time I visit it catches my breath. The best way to experience this is by climbing Big Daddy, considered the world‘s highest dune at a whopping 350 meters high. The climb is challenging but rewarding and when reaching the top you will experience views that you could not otherwise witness. Running down this dune is likely the funniest thing you‘ll do, taking you directly into the unreal sight of Deadvlei.


This is a gorgeous town nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib Desert and is considered an adventurer’s paradise. For good reason, people fall in love with this charming town, the colourful buildings, the African market by the beach and the abundance of activities you can enjoy depending on your interest.

Take a trip on one of the 4×4 vehicles for a bit of dune bashing, taking you to Sandwich Harbor, the only place in the world where you can witness dunes crashing into the ocean. Jump on board our cruise ships sailing for half a day in search of dolphins and whales and don‘t be surprised when a seal and a pelican join you on board!

Join the incredible guides to explore Namibia on a living desert tour, finding the “Little 5“ of Africa – the snakes, lizards, chameleons, spiders and geckos. Take a trip to the dunes to enjoy a camel ride, quad bikes or even sandboarding. Or the ultimate adventure; skydive from a height of 10,12 or 15 thousand feet over the world‘s oldest desert! A truly once-in-a-lifetime activity not to be missed.


With its breathtaking scenery of rocky mountains, home to the Damara people and the elusive Desert adapted elephant – nobody should miss a visit to Damaraland on their Namibia journey.

The Desert-adapted elephant can only be found in two places in the world however right here you can join an open-truck safari in search of this magnificent animal. The elephant has adapted to the rough desert conditions, being a little smaller, with flatter feet (even seen sliding down dunes!), stronger trunks (to dig deeper for water) and it can walk up to 80km per day in search of water.

These are the true gentle giants of Namibia and of Africa.

Etosha National Park

Here you can enjoy Africa‘s wildlife in all its glory. Etosha is the 3rd largest national park in all of Africa and is home to the great Etosha Salt Pan, so large it can be seen from space.

The Etosha National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife, and you should spend at least 3 nights to get the best of a safari experience. The feeling of sitting by the waterhole in complete silence, viewing the rich variety of wildlife coming by for a drink, or to bathe, is an indescribable feeling that will live with you forever.

Contact Information

Our thanks to Rannveig Snorradottir the Managing Director of Obeo Travel for writing this explore Namibia travel blog and for highlighting the magnificence of a truly unique and beautiful country.

For more information and to book contact your local travel agent.

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