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With 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful cities, inspiring mountains, national parks, and rugged coastlines, the country of Poland is one of the most welcoming yet underrated and undiscovered destinations in Europe.

The history, both ancient and also its more recent World War II history is fascinating and the museums and architecture are jaw-dropping. The food and drinks are both excellent and cheap. The countryside and coast are popular with regular tourists in the know heading for activities or relaxation during the barmy summer months. At night there is exciting nightlife in the main cities. Poland does offer a lot more to visitors than they may at first envisage.

In recent times the country has become popular for city break holidays to places like its capital Warsaw or Krakow. While both cities are the most popular in the country it is not all that Poland has to offer.

I have spent a few days in a city called Szczecin which is located on the North Western side of Poland and the border of Germany. I have also transited through Warsaw so not much I can report there but on both occasions, I can say my experience was good with friendly welcoming people.

For history, art and nature, Poland has so much to offer.

Key Information

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Getting Around

Bus – There is a vast bus network all over Poland offering excellent prices and comfortable services. Some of the bus companies even provide onboard bathrooms, power points, and Wi-Fi.

Train – Three major train operators are servicing the major cities. Express InterCity Premium provides modern fast trains and has a dining carriage. Express InterCity offers a similar service, but they are not so fast. Inter City is cheap yet slow as they make more stops.

Metro – Warsaw has a metro system making getting around the city easy, good value, and convenient.

Air – Ryanair and Wizz operate low-cost services across Poland and with the prices excellent they provide a good option for those with limited time.

Car Hire – Renting a car is reasonably priced with drivers needing to provide proof they have had a license for over one year and have an International Driving Permit.

Hitchhiking – Still quite popular in Poland so a great way to travel cheaply.

When To Go

Summer in Poland runs from June to August and is the busiest time of year, particularly in the major cities.

Spring and Autumn months offer milder weather, but great colours and cities are less crowded than in the peak summer months.

Winter in Poland brings snow and often sub-zero temperatures but this is ideal for winter sports and makes those Poland Christmas Markets even more beautiful.

Places To Stay in Poland

All forms of accommodation are generally well priced throughout the country making a holiday in Poland very cost-effective.

The major hotel chains are well represented in Poland with grades 1 to 4 stars and then luxury. For the lower end of the market, there are guest houses, pensions, and motels. In the countryside, you will find accommodation ranging from pretty basic rural retreats to luxury spa hotels.

Hostels also represent great value for money with Poland running the Polish Youth Hostels Association to ensure standards are maintained.

Farm stays, country homes, and cottages are, like much of Europe, increasing in popularity with interest in organic food, outdoor space, and green eco-friendly living.

Food & Drink

Polish meals are wholesome, hearty, and delicious. You will find Polish food filling with ingredients often including potatoes, cabbage and meat.

The best and perhaps most traditional way to enjoy Polish food is at one of its many restaurants, cafes, milk bars, and street food kiosks.

Pierogi are filled dumplings containing either meat, vegetables, cheese, fruit, or chocolate. These are generally really good value and a staple diet for Polish people.

Zurek is a traditional rye soup and is often served with a hard-boiled egg.

Bigos is a local stew made from meat, vegetables, and sauerkraut.

Kotlet Schabowy is similar to an Austrian schnitzel this is a breadcrumb-coated cutlet made from pork.

For dessert, the Polish love their sweet treats and pastries such as Makowiec and Racuchy.

For drinks, the Polish are well known for their vodka. I recall every club I went to in Szczecin had a bottle of vodka on the table as if it were water!

There are, as you would expect many great value beers including Zywiec,  Tyskie and Warka.

Top 20 Things To See & Do In Poland

  1. Explore the historic Old Town of Krakow, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Visit the magnificent Wawel Castle in Krakow, the former residence of Polish kings.
  3. Take a sombre but important trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp.
  4. Wander around Warsaw’s charming Old Town, meticulously reconstructed after WWII.
  5. Pay respects at the Warsaw Uprising Museum, documenting the city’s resistance during WWII.
  6. Experience the beauty of the Tatra Mountains in Zakopane, a popular destination for hiking and skiing.
  7. Discover the medieval charm of Gdansk’s Old Town and its iconic Neptune Fountain.
  8. Relax on the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea in Sopot, known for its lively atmosphere.
  9. Explore the historic Wieliczka Salt Mine near Krakow, with its underground chambers and chapels.
  10. Enjoy a boat cruise along the picturesque Masurian Lakes, a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.
  11. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the Malbork Castle, one of the largest brick castles in the world.
  12. Sample traditional Polish cuisine, including pierogi, żurek, and oscypek cheese.
  13. Take a scenic drive along the Odra River in Wroclaw and admire its beautiful bridges and islands.
  14. Visit the Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, a major pilgrimage site with the revered Black Madonna icon.
  15. Experience the vibrant nightlife of Krakow’s Kazimierz district, known for its trendy bars and clubs.
  16. Attend a Chopin concert in Warsaw, celebrating Poland’s most famous composer.
  17. Explore the Bialowieza Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to Europe’s last primaeval forest.
  18. Discover the charming town of Torun, the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus and known for its gingerbread.
  19. Learn about Polish folklore and traditions at the Museum of Folk Architecture in Sanok.
  20. Relax and unwind in the serene atmosphere of the Bieszczady Mountains, perfect for hiking and nature lovers.

Regions Of Poland

Poland is split into 16 different provinces, each with its capital city.

Greater Poland           Poznan
Kuyavia-Pomerania  Bydgoszcz and Torun
Lesser Poland             Krakow
Łodz                              Łodz
Lower Silesia              Wrocław
Lublin                          Lublin
Lubusz                         Gorzow Wielkopolski & Zielona Gora
Masovia                       Warsaw
Opole                              Opole
Podlaskie                       Białystok
Pomerania                     Gdansk
Silesia                             Katowice
Subcarpathia                 Rzeszow
Holy Cross Province    Kielce
Warmia-Masuria          Olsztyn
West Pomerania            Szczecin

Pre-Bookable Excursions in Poland

More Information

Contact the Polish Tourism Organisation or your local travel agent for more information on holidays in Poland.



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