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The Seychelles Are Ready

As the world starts to travel again I have been scouring the news and social media watching various travel agents, tour operators and hotels re-launching their businesses into what is to be called our new normal. One piece that has certainly caught my eye this week is the “Cannot Wait” video produced by the Hilton Northolme Resort in the Seychelles.

For me, it encapsulates everything you want to see, hear and ultimately experience from a resort and that will entice you back to reset, recharge and go again.2

Paradise on Earth

I visited the Seychelles in 2018 and will soon be sharing on this website the amazing experiences that I enjoyed travelling around these unique and beautiful Indian Ocean Islands. It was however while watching this short video that I was taken back to that time and so inspired me to write this little post as it highlights so much of what the Seychelles is all about.

There is the warmth and friendliness of the Seychellois – the people of the Seychelles who are this unique blend of Créole, Indian, Chinese, French and British. Nothing is too much trouble and the opportunity to showcase their homeland with their beaming smiles is one of their greatest pleasures. I found Danielle Fabbri, the General Manager to be welcoming, genuine, friendly, proud and passionate of his lovely team and hotel…. that’s surely all you need!

The importance this hotel and many others in the Seychelles place on sustainability and responsible travel is music to my ears. Did you know that the Seychelles has banned the importation, sale and commercial use of plastic bags, plates, cups and cutlery……. not difficult is it !! The Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa on Mahé Island has an ongoing project to develop a coral nursery at nearby Beau Vallon Bay where they look to protect the marine and reef life along the island’s northwest coast. For me thats the reason to support the hotel in itself !!

The hotel has been making improvements during the forced closure with newly renovated spaces. Couple that with fine service, cuisine and a dreamy location, it is sure to be as popular as ever for tourists.

Our greatest gift…

It’s truly great to see and hear of a hotel embracing the environment and this gift they have on their doorstep. I believe that in this short video it has inspired many including myself to get back to travelling, to nature and to enjoy and protect through partnerships, our greatest gift – the natural world – I for one cannot wait.

Click here to watch the video and contact your local travel agent to get your Seychelles holiday booked!

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