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Three reasons why Cyprus is the perfect family destination.

With so many amazing holiday locations to choose from, you may not have considered Cyprus for a holiday before, but Cypriot culture is one of the oldest you’ll find in the Mediterranean. It’s rich and immersive, much like this little island nation itself.

Cyprus is well known for its excellent scuba diving, its delicious food, and its sweet dessert wine. But did you know that Cyprus is also a great place for the perfect family holiday? Why not pack up the kids and head into the sunshine to enjoy those goodies while they splash in the sea?

If that’s not reason enough, below are my three top reasons why Cyprus should be on your bucket list for the ideal family vacation.

1. The weather is always beautiful

Did you know that Cyprus gets a whopping 3,500 hours of sunshine each year – three times more than the UK? Cypriot summers last from approximately June to October, giving you plenty of time to enjoy some sunshine. It’s a welcome escape when you’re stuck in the grey, drizzly rain for months at a time.

You don’t even need to go during the school summer holidays (the usual high season of vacations everywhere). Autumn breaks are equally good choices,whether you go for a week or a weekend. Picking off-season months is also usually more affordable. Plus you’ll be able to get tickets to any big attractions for a fraction of the price, and it’ll be less crowded.

If those times of year still don’t suit you, even the winter months are beautiful in Cyprus. January and February get average temperatures of at least 17℃ – perfect for a holiday with little kids who prefer more temperate climates.

2. It’s relatively close to the UK

Unlike other tropical holiday destinations, Cyprus is pretty close. It only takes approximately 4-5 hours to get from the UK to Paphos.

Many flights are also direct, saving you the hassle of changing from one plane to another with small children in tow. To put this in perspective, Spain is about two hours from the UK and Dubai is nearly seven hours away. This makes Cyprus a nice ‘remote’ destination that isn’t too remote either.

If you plan ahead, flights are fairly affordable, which makes this holiday budget friendly on top of relatively stress-free in terms of travel. And if there’s one thing all parents can agree on it’s that holidays should involve as little stress as possible (because travelling with kids is inevitably a bit stressful to start with.)

Cyprus - Photo Copyright Antoine Angoulvant Unsplash
Cyprus – Photo Copyright Antoine Angoulvant Unsplash

3. There’s lots to do with the children

Cyprus may be a relatively small island, but there is plenty to do and see with children. New experiences, especially when it comes to seeing different cultures, are really good for kids. A trip to a new location broadens their horizons and gives them (and you) new perspectives.

The youngest kids will enjoy the various stunning beaches of Cyprus, including popular Nissi Beach and Fig Tree Bay. Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark is a great summer attraction for all ages, with plenty to do, including their free fall slide, a pirate ship, and magic splashing area for the littlest visitors.

School-aged children and older kids with an interest in animals will love Paphos Zoo, and teens will enjoy both beaches and historical sites. Make sure to check out the main attractions such as the harbour at Paphos, ancient Kourion, and the Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cyprus - photo copyright Athena Vikki Unsplash
Cyprus – photo copyright Athena Vikki Unsplash

So why should you go to Cyprus?

Besides being reasonably easy to reach, always sunny, and fun for the whole family? Cyprus also offers a range of accommodation types depending on how much you’re looking to spend, meaning that you can find something that is perfect for your family setup.

If you plan ahead, Cyprus is also easily enjoyed on a budget, especially if you decide to visit in one of the off-seasons. Wintertime is the least busy season, and you’ll find fewer tourists and a spacious, chilled out island offering a relaxing time for your entire family.

Cyprus truly is the perfect family destination if you’re looking for a place to unwind with your family, while also having plenty to do to keep the little ones entertained.

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