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For some, the idea of a city break during the winter months is not even a consideration. In my opinion, however, these are some of the very best times to discover some of Europe’s finest cities. They not only give a different perspective with snowy scenes and different attractions but they are also quieter and that has many benefits.

One such city is the Czech Republic capital of Prague. The city tourist office has been in contact with me to highlight some of the attractions of spending a few days during the winter in Prague.

Prague Castle

Open throughout the year but in wintertime daily from 9 am to 4 pm, the Prague Castle has been an important symbol of the Czech state for more than a thousand years. This iconic European castle was founded in the 9th century and became the seat of Czech rulers and later presidents.

There is a small entrance fee after which you can enjoy this huge castle covering 45 hectares with its historical palaces, church, fortification buildings, and gardens.

Prague’s Wintry Towers

A visit to Prague is not complete unless you have scaled one of the many towers for a bird’s eye view of the city. Each provides unusual views of the historic squares, the magical mosaic of the roofs, and the bridges and embankments of the Vltava River waterfront.

There are many to choose from and they all have their own story to tell. Suggestions include the Old Town Hall, The Powder Gate Tower, St Nicholas Bell Tower, the Old Town Bridge Tower, Petrín Lookout Tower, New Mill Water Tower, and the Lesser Town Bridge.

River Cruise

From a starting point at what is called Prague Venice which is close to both the Charles Bridge and Judith Bridge, you could enjoy a 45-minute cruise for unforgettable views of the Vltava River.

Sights include Kampa Island, the Petrin Tower, the skyline of Prague castle as well as temples and palaces, a different perspective on Charles Bridge and other key landmarks of the city. Onboard, during these wintry months, you can stay warm by the boat’s stove and drink mulled wine while enjoying the views, the experience, and the ambience.

Walking Tours

During these strange times of Covid, many cities including Prague are seeing an increase in private walking tours with a guide rather than in larger groups. The trained guides are very respectful of the specific wishes of these private tours, taking things at their own pace and stopping where they wish to stop.

In Prague, there are some fabulous cultural and historical private tours available. You can just uncover the Old Town and Lesser Town. There are historical tours that follow the story of the 27 executed Czech Lords and The Prague Protectorate. Another discovers the monuments and architecture.

Capadlo Ice Skating Rink

From early December through to the end of February why not get your skates on and head to the centre of Prague and enjoy the family fun and atmosphere of ice skating at Capadlo Ice Rink? There is a deposit on the skates and a small charge plus helmets are mandatory for children under 12. The next stop will surely be Dancing on Ice and TV stardom!

Prague Christmas Markets

One of Europe’s best Christmas markets takes place here in Prague at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Visitors can expect a wonderful atmosphere, carols, stands, food, and local drinks.

Out and About

Throughout Prague, there are some delightful parks and green spaces – or snowy spaces in those winter months. So many places for you to relax and unwind including the Royal Game Reserve, Stromovka, Letna Park, the Petrín Gardens, and the Vltava Islands.

There is Vysehrad for the finest city views and Havlícek Gardens for history and exercise. Further afield there is Kunratice Forest, the Dalej and Prokop Valleys Nature Park, Divoká Sarka Park, and the Hvezda Game.

Winter In Prague

There are many well-priced regional flight options from the UK to Prague so if you fancy a winter in Prague (or anytime actually) then for more information contact the Prague City Tourism Office or the Czech Tourist Board.

Bookings should be made with your local travel agent or specialist tour operator.



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