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I am delighted to introduce you to one of our “World Sustainability Partner” – Trees4Travel.

It is widely known that forest restoration is overwhelmingly more powerful than all other climate change solutions. As you travel, Trees4Travel plants trees for you so that you can then travel more mindfully, enabling sustainable travel and all for the price of a coffee.

For every journey you make, use their CO2 calculator to work out the emissions that your trip has emitted thus allowing you to then donate a sum that goes towards a tree planting project around the world.

Whats more you can then watch as our combined efforts recreate forest after forest around the world – Travel4Trees offers something tangible, understandable and affordable that we can all see, be proud of and watch grow.

Here is a little video that explains more.

World Sustainability Partner – Make A Difference

To sign up with our World Sustainability Partner and become a partner with Trees4Travel click below:

Free Trees Wales Promotion - World Sustainability Partner
Free Trees Wales Promotion
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