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Covid Implications

The effects of Covid 19 on business are everywhere so its difficult to single out any specific case however the plight of Chester Zoo came onto my radar this week.

With all Zoos closed, the devastating impact it is having on them is pretty stark – support them or close them. As an example, Chester Zoo, the UK’s largest charity-funded Zoo and known for its efforts in animal conversation is heading towards debt of more than £24m by the end of 2020 – financially crippling the business.

Chester Zoo welcomed two million people in 2019 and normally receives 97% of its income from visitors to cover the cost of its staff, 128-acre site, conservation and breeding projects not to mention the 35,000 animals. They alone need to raise £1.6m each month to keep going so this week put out a plea for help via their social media channels.

As always the Great British public has responded. As I post this £820,000+ from 43,000 donations has been raised which is just incredible.


Supporting Conservation

Why not support them by donating to their Just Giving Page or follow them on Twitter

During this COVID-19 crisis, the Zoo has developed its learning resources for children at home or at school with a range of subjects and topics for all ages. Even in the face of such a challenging time, it’s refreshing to see that their efforts remain focused on teaching the young about the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Let’s hope they get through this situation and get back to what they do so well.

Chester Zoo
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