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Everyone you speak to about visiting India describes how this Asia powerhouse is an assault on the senses and how never in their wildest dreams did they prepare themselves for the incredible experience that India delivers.

With spectacular cities, the white beaches of the Indian Ocean, the history and culture at every turn, the temples, the marble palaces, and the wonderful people who are so friendly and welcoming – India truly is for everyone.

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Key Information

Continent Asia
CapitalNew Delhi
CurrencyIndian Rupee
VisaFCO Advice
VaccinationsVaccination Advice
Tourist OfficeIndia Tourist Board

Getting Around

In the main cities and towns, the most common and easiest form of transportation is an automated rickshaw, taxi, or private car.

For taxis always get a price before departing as meters are rarely switched on.

There are motorways in the north of India making travel there slightly more comfortable and quicker.

The domestic flight network is pretty comprehensive allowing you to travel greater distances quicker.

Buses are an option in some locations but these can be of varying levels of comfort and regularity.  

For travellers keen on the railway experience then most major towns are connected by the daily Shatabdi trains.

Top Things To See & Do

  1. Explore the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and marvel at its stunning white marble architecture.
  2. Visit the historic Red Fort in Delhi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore its magnificent palaces, gardens, and museums.
  3. Experience the vibrant culture and bustling streets of Mumbai, India’s financial capital, and visit landmarks like the Gateway of India and Marine Drive.
  4. Take a boat ride on the serene backwaters of Kerala and admire the lush green landscapes, traditional houseboats, and serene villages.
  5. Explore the ancient temples of Varanasi, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and witness the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges River.
  6. Discover the majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan, including the Amber Fort in Jaipur, Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur, and City Palace in Udaipur.
  7. Go on a wildlife safari in Ranthambore National Park or Bandhavgarh National Park and spot elusive Bengal tigers, leopards, and other exotic animals.
  8. Visit the spiritual town of Haridwar and participate in the sacred ritual of Ganga Snan (holy bath) on the banks of the Ganges River.
  9. Trek to the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes of Ladakh and explore monasteries like Hemis, Thiksey, and Diskit.
  10. Discover the architectural wonders of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and explore its ancient temples, ruins, and boulder-strewn landscapes.
  11. Experience the vibrant colours and cultural heritage of Rajasthan during the Pushkar Camel Fair, one of India’s most famous festivals.
  12. Explore the bustling bazaars and narrow lanes of Old Delhi and sample delicious street food like chaat, samosas, and jalebis.
  13. Take a scenic train journey on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, also known as the “Toy Train,” and enjoy panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  14. Relax on the pristine beaches of Goa, known for their golden sands, turquoise waters, and vibrant beach shacks.
  15. Witness the grandeur of the Mysore Palace in Karnataka, one of the most magnificent royal residences in India, and attend the colourful Dasara festival.
  16. Visit the serene hill station of Munnar in Kerala and explore its lush tea plantations, waterfalls, and scenic viewpoints.
  17. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu and visit temples like the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai and the Brihadeeswarar Temple in Thanjavur.
  18. Explore the picturesque hill station of Ooty in Tamil Nadu and enjoy activities like boating on Ooty Lake, trekking in the Nilgiri Hills, and visiting the botanical gardens.
  19. Discover the spiritual town of Bodh Gaya in Bihar, where Buddha attained enlightenment, and visit the Mahabodhi Temple and Bodhi Tree.
  20. The Ranthambore National Park is famous for being home to the Tiger as well as a wide range of other wildlife such as sloth bears, birds and leopards.

Pre Bookable Excursions in India

More Information

The India Tourist Board provides a wide choice of useful information including places to go, things to do and what you can expect from the weather.



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