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An Adventure Begins

Way back when I was a teenager, those days following school, college or university often involved one of two life adventures. A trip around the world with STA or Trailfinders or some time travelling around Europe either in a clapped-out hippy VW campervan or by rail, as part of what was known as Interrailing.

A Change Of Plan

After almost three years of not travelling overseas due to COVID-19, I have been looking forward after Easter to my first trip and flights to visit and discover a handful of European cities.

Sadly just two weeks ago my plans were thrown into tatters. Following a minor leg vein operation I was advised that I would be unable to fly for 4 weeks. I was then kept waiting 7 days by the lovely people at Easyjet who refused to refund my flight ticket only two days later, the flight to be cancelled anyway and full refunds provided. Don’t you love Karma?

With so many other plans made and hotels booked, I wasn’t going to let a mere flesh wound get in the way of this long-overdue adventure, so rather than cancel everything I decided to undertake this trip by rail. The best way to do this was to invest in an Interrail pass allowing me the freedom to travel on a select number of days within a certain timeframe.

Having booked I soon became super excited as this was going to be no ordinary trip. I was suddenly transporting myself back to my youth and that desire to travel on a shoestring and discover our European neighbours including France, Belgium and Germany on an interrailing adventure while letting the train take the strain.

I no longer needed to consider baggage restrictions, airport parking or Fastrak through the airport as on this journey I will be on a fast track straight into the heart of my destinations.

Travelling More Sustainably

What’s more, by interrailing I was now taking this trip more sustainably. Something I have been mulling over for some time has been how as a travel blogger I am impacting our planet by taking, in some cases, unnecessary flights.

Additionally, since the break-in travel, I have developed this resistance and anxiety to travelling by air and maybe this enforced change to my plans has been the nudge I needed to act rather than procrastinate.

Dressed For The Occasion

Now, before hitting the rails, I do have one issue of concern which is that due to my recent operation, I have to wear a stocking to prevent the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) so if at any time I need to bare all at security then I fear there may be a story to tell – well this is a blog after all!

So with this new plan in place and an app or ten downloaded to ensure I navigate my way successfully, I am looking forward to sharing with you my adventures, my observations and no doubt a few “more” challenges along the way – now you can call me “vain” but who goes on a European rail trip in stockings!

Follow My Interrailing Adventure

For more information on Interrailing in Europe visit the Interrail website or of course, follow my blog on this website or Facebook and other social media channels.



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