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For Every Occasion Send A Tree Gift E-Card

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Sustainable Gifting

Hot on the heels of COP26 and the progress that was made in particular to the commitments to reduce the destruction of the planets rainforests, I was delighted to see this initiative for a Tree Gift E-Card from our sustainability partner Trees 4 Travel.

Instead of sending a card why not spend the money sending those friends and family a Tree Gift E-Card from as little as £3.50. This way your money goes towards the planting of a tree to help absorb CO2, restore biodiversity and support local communities. Whats more every tree planted comes with a VERRA or United Nations certified investment in renewable energy.

New Ideas

I don’t know about you but those days of buying a box of cards and giving them to friends does seem so old hat. Through this cost effective initiative you can really show that not only have you thought about your greeting but also that you care about the planet which we all share. Add to that its just a great idea and gives both you and the recipient the real feel good factor and boy do we need that just now ! Why not head over to the Trees4Travel website now and discover how easy it is.

After all this was the year when our world truly came together in Glasgow for the future of us all.

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