Important Documentation

You won’t be able to get into any country without a valid passport and in many cases you will also require a visa specific to you and that country. In this instance the importance of planning ahead is never more crucial in order to save you time, money and unnecessary stress.


Any worldwide traveller knows that when it comes to understanding and applying for visas, it can be a complex and and confusing process.

Increasingly there are a host of ever changing rules and complicated forms. Add to this passport photos and now more than ever, health declarations.

In order to make our lives easier I have teamed up with who are dedicated to making this process simple, fast and reliable. Their online application process makes ordering all of these items straight forward and all from the comfort of your own home.

Simply Apply for Your Visa here

UK Passport Renewal

The Passport Renewal process can tedious so we have teamed up with to take you through the renewal step process in order to refresh this important document so it’s all good to go for your next holiday.

Start the UK Passport Renewal application here.

Airport Extras

Once you have your passport up to date and the necessary visas in place you are nearly good to go.

You may however still need to arrange your travel insurance, organise some currency or treat yourself to a wide variety of Airport Extras. Here are some suggestions and a checklist of things to consider.

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