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Airport Planning

If you are planning on getting away then there are a host of additional airport extras and add-ons you will need to consider before closing that front door, turning the key and heading off on your travels.

Here are some of the most popular elements of a trip that are sometimes overlooked or left till the very last minute by which time availability is limited and no doubt prices will be higher.

As I was once told and I have always remembered “Perfect Planning Prevents Pathetic Performance”.

Let’s dive straight in!


The first one that should come to mind is always travel insurance.

Many of us have restarted our travel plans after having them on pause for the last year and a half. While we are all excited to enjoy new adventures to the fullest, it’s important to keep in mind that travel restrictions can change from one day to the next depending on the country you’re visiting.

Do you have a backup plan? — The unexpected can show up as trip cancellation, emergency medical expenses, or issues with baggage.

This resource provides information on the best travel insurance options available and what they offer so you can compare the policies and see what is the right choice for your upcoming travels. 

Fast Track

Finding your way through a busy airport and then waiting in queues can be a stressful experience especially if you are late or experiencing delays. Airport Fast Track passes enable you to make your way through airport security, via the VIP Fast Track lane and therefore bypass the normal.

Fast Track passes are available to purchase on their own or as part of a package with existing airport parking, airport hotels or airport lounges.

Foreign Currency

Many people leave the task of getting currency to when they are at the airport – this is a bad move as rates are almost always poor not to mention the transaction fees.

You are much better off looking at these options in advance of your departure day.

Most travel agents have a currency exchange bureau and will stock all the most popular currencies as well as be able to order in some of the more unusual ones. Rates are normally excellent and service and trust are assured. The Post Office has always been a popular foreign exchange outlet so check out their rates. Holiday Extras is a great business offering all manner of airport extras and add ons and sure enough they have a travel money card and exchange services so check them out. 

Both myself and over 12 million others have a Revolut card. I use it daily on every trip that I take abroad as quite simply it saves me money on exchange rates and has an app that makes managing my finances so easy. I also use it as a holiday fund account which I add to monthly – then when it’s time to travel, you have that pot of cash ready to spend on that all-important holiday.

Check out my dedicated page on obtaining and looking after your money abroad.

Hotels At The Airport

Booking an overnight airport hotel the night before is a great way to start your holiday as it means you will be relaxed and refreshed ready for the excitement of jumping on that jet plane the following day.

There are significant airport extra savings to be made if you book your airport parking and hotel together. Sometimes there is very little difference between booking the Airport hotel and car parking as a package versus the car parking on its own so do consider this option. It also means you won’t have any last-minute problems when trying to get to the airport on the day of departure.  


Why not start your holiday at the airport with a little stress-free luxury? Pre-booked airport lounges are great for relaxing and having a drink, meal or snack in comfortable surroundings often with views across the airport runways which only goes to building the excitement.

Airport lounges are available at 22 UK airports so you should have one available for your next trip.

Parking At or Near The Airport

Securing a great price at the airport car parks is best done some weeks in advance as leaving it to the last minute can hurt your wallet.

Key factors to consider are do you want to Park and Ride where you park further afield and take a transfer bus into the airport – that is normally the most cost-effective option.

Then there is On Airport Parking where you can quickly get into the airport without the need of a transfer bus.

Finally, the most expensive but convenient method is the Meet and Greet where you drive to the airport drop-off point and there is a driver to take your car to the car park and then greet you on arrival back.

Rail To The Airport

An airport by rail transfer takes the stress away from driving to the airport especially when you consider the stresses that traffic jams and parking may have.

Taking the train will allow you to hop off directly at the airport terminal making the experience quick and easy.

It may be you are a rail enthusiast in which case check out my page dedicated to Rail Journey holidays.

Airport Extras

Before any trip ensure you have pre-booked Visas, Car Hire and Money Abroad

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